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Free resources on resilience and mindset.


This is your hub, the place to be! It is jam-packed with videos and resources to help you with everything from Growth Mindset, Resilience, Leadership Development and Coaching including our guide for school leaders: Making Mindset Real.

Our communities, organisations and schools are stronger if our people are supported to develop their resilience and their Mindset.  

Be part of a global movement that builds potential.


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Online Course:Making Mindset Real In School

Regardless of where you work across the globe from early years, primary or secondary school, you can expect to take away lots of new knowledge. You can also expect to...

  • Access exclusive content, to help you develop a whole school approach to embedding Mindset over 3 online modules.
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions with all of your new knowledge and importantly be able to try ideas within the classroom.
  • Benefit from Live Zoom Calls / Q & A Sessions 
  • Free 1:1 Coaching Call with TeachMindset Founder, John Paul 
  • Exclusive access to the Making Mindset Real facebook group so you can share ideas and network with fellow participants from across the globe.

Develop ideas around the embedding of Growth Mindset and challenge your own thinking and Mindset!

We've prepared some great material for you, and we're so excited for you to get started. Happy learning! 

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Growth Mindset CPD in School

Many of our learners give up and engagement in avoidant behaviour.  Our Mindset Programme helps challenge this and helps you create a Growth Mindset culture in school across staff, pupils and parents. 


We have three CPD sessions ready for staff.  The first: introduction to Mindset gets everyone on the same page understanding what the whole school Mindset is about.

The second CPD session looks at embedding Mindset into teaching and learning. 

The third and final session looks at Mindset and challenge in the classroom.

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Level Up: Excellence In Teaching Programme

Schools simply cannot close the attainment gap if we do not have a consistency of teaching and learning at the core of our school improvement work. Our tailored programme helps teachers support their learners more effectively. Drawing on the work of Teach Like A Champion 2 and Shirley Clarke, participants will reflect on their own approach to teaching and learning with a focus on driving engagement and motivation.

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Pupil Peer Mentoring Training

are you interested in helping senior pupils mentor younger pupils?  Our two day coaching and tailored support package gets your senior pupils mentoring younger pupils, using Growth Mindset language.

We provide booklets and an amazing training experience that gives senior pupils PRACTICAL skills in engagement and communication and Mindset and provides a lasting legacy for both mentors and mentees!

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Developing Resilience Within

Launching soon! We need change makers! This is our exclusive beta programme for those of you wanting to do something different with resilience in your school or organisation.  Join other resilience leaders in school as we consider our own resilience, what works in supporting young people to explore their thoughts and feelings.

This includes:

  •  1:1 coaching call with TeachMindset Founder John Paul Fitzpatrick(worth £150)
  • 3 Live webinar training sessions covering a range of topics (recorded for you to watch anytime).
  • Access to a special facebook group
  • Resources and materials.

Limited places for this amazing new programme commencing shortly.

Cost: 90 + VAT.

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What is heart?

Current approaches to providing our young people with resilience are not working. Learn more about our iheart programme, delivered UK wide, helping young people understand the relationship between thoughts, behaviour and feelings.

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Mindset Parent Coaching Workshops

. Being a parent in 2019 is tough, and there are many pressures.  Before we can support our children to have a growth mindset we need to start with our own goals, aspirations and resilience.

Our parent coaching programme for schools and community organisations works with groups of parents to train them in Mindset and to be Mindset coaches to better support their children's learning at home and help themselves flourish.

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